How to add a location on Instagram in easy steps

Learn how to tag your pictures and videos with your location.


When we add a location to our Instagram photos or videos, what we’re really doing is adding a geographic tag to the file in question. Not only does this let your friends know where you were when you took the photo, but also anyone who sees your pics can look for for more relevant photos of that same location. This is very useful if we want to gain more followers from our area, since it will allow them to see our photos through the geographical label and thus connect with people closest to us.


Even if we have already uploaded an image or video, we can always edit them and add the location later. If you do not know how to do it, we will teach you in a few steps, it’s very simple!

Add your location to photos and videos on Instagram

It is very easy to add the location to your images or videos on both Android and iOS, since it is an integrated feature of Instagram. We will need to have the app installed, of course, and connect the GPS! Once we have done that, we just have to take a photo or record a video (or select an existing file on our device) and start. When we have chosen the file and we have written the small text that accompanies it, we can see how under it give us several options: tag people, share in other social networks and Add location.

We just have to click on that option and, from the list of suggested locations, select the one closest to us. And ready! We can continue as usual, editing the image and sharing it with our followers. If you want to add the location to an already uploaded image, just click on the image in question, go to the options menu and click on Edit. There we can change the text, tag people and add a location. See how easy it was?


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