How to add a signature for your emails on Gmail

You can easily set up a signature on Gmail.

Nowadays Gmail is one of the most popular email services all around the globe. Google’s platform is reliable and has proved itself secure, easy to use and with a lot of space. Thanks to these advantages, we can see how many users with no personal website use Gmail for their working needs. But if you are one of those users, there is something that you could do to improve the overall aesthetic of your work emails: add a signature.

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Gmail lets you add your own personal signature, which will appear on the bottom of every email you send afterwards; but this option can be difficult to find, so today we are going to teach you how to configure your own signature on the web or on your Android device.

How to add a signature from Gmail’s web

First things first: Access your Gmail account on your computer. When you are in your account, you just have to open your account’s settings menu and click on “options”. When in options, you should find the “signature” button on the left bar. Just click on “Signature” in order to set up your signature. You can add text, images and format it any way you want.

How to add a signature from the Gmail app

If you are reading this article on your Android device, you should open Inbox for Gmail. Once you open the app, you must access your account and enter the “settings” menú. When in settings, you must tap on the “general settings” option, and there you should see an option called “Signature settings”. Here you can set up your own custom signature with images, text and any format you want.

As you can see, it is very easy to do and you can change it whenever you want. If you have a company logo, you can add it to your signature as an image, and some users also take advantage of their signature to add a phone number.


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