Choose the best apps for your Android device

How to avoid apps that are no good for your smartphone.

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Whether you have an iPhone or an Android Smartphone, you know you have hundreds of thousands of apps at your disposal. And although this is, in principle, good news, it is also true that not all apps are equally practical and have not been developed with the same quality. For this reason, when choosing which apps to download and install on our mobile device, there is a skill that can be very useful: to differentiate and know which are the best apps available in your Store. And today we’re going to show you how.

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Take advantage of the categories

Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store have an elaborate system of categories, and both companies do everything possible to make their stores as clear as possible and have the best apps. Therefore, when you enter your Store, do not limit yourself to see the most popular apps or the most downloaded games. If you want to find the best apps for you, you will have to explore the categories of the apps to find the perfect game or application for you.

Although there are other stores, we do not recommend you to look for applications outside the official stores, since the risk of finding a malicious apps is greater (although in the official stores it is also possible, but this way we minimize the risk). The following advice will also help you avoid malicious or low-quality apps.

Learn to avoid bad apps

Once we have chosen which app we like, the next thing is to verify that it is indeed good for us. Although official stores have a rating system for apps and games based on stars, the fact that an app has a high score does not necessarily mean that it is good, or vice versa (although it is a fact to be taken into account).

Therefore we must enter and read the features of the app, the comments of users (maybe a bad score is due to a bug that the developers have already solved) and not forget to take a look at the permissions requested by our Smartphone. For example, if a calculator app asks for access to our camera, it’s a bad sign.

With these tips you should become an expert in finding the best apps in a very short time!


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