Clash Royale And Minecraft, The Most Downloaded Apps On iOS

Clash Royale, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, F1 2016 or Enlight have been some of the most downloaded apps and games on iOS in November.

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Enlight and WhatsApp have been the most downloaded apps on iOS this November, and we are not surprised at all about that. WhatsApp just enabled videocalls, something we were all dying to get, so it is only logical! And what about the games? The most popular ones have been Minecraft: Pocket Edition, F1 2016 and, of course, Clash Royale. This does not surprise us either: Clash Royale is one of the most popular games in the mobile market nowadays, and with each update Supercell improves the game and wins over more and more players. November has been a good month for Apple, and we have here the lists with the 10 top games and apps –paid and free- that are available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Do you want to know the most downloaded games and apps for iPhone this month?

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Top Ten Paid Apps for iPhone

  1. Enlight by Lightricks.
  2. F1 2016 by The Codemasters Software.
  3. Facetune by Lightricks.
  4. Estáner para Mi – Escáner PDF para documentos by Apalon Apps.
  5. 7 Min Workout by Fitness Guide.
  6. Football Manager Mobile 2017 by Sega.
  7. iScanner by BPMobile.
  8. Full Fitness by Mehrad Mehrain.
  9. LightX by Andor Communications.
  10. Afterlight by Afterlight Collective.

Top Ten Free Apps for iPhone

  1. WhatsApp Messenger by WhatsApp.
  2. Instagram by Instagram.
  3. YouTube by Google.
  4. Messenger by Facebook.
  5. Wallapop by Wallapop.
  6. Facebook by Facebook.
  7. Google by Google.
  8. Amazon Mobile by Amazon.
  9. Snapchat by Snap.
  10. Tigerball by Georgios Kanellopoulos.

WhatsApp vs Allo

Top Ten Paid Games for iPhone

  1. F1 2016 by The Codemasters Software.
  2. Football Manager Mobile 2017 by Sega.
  3. Monopoly Game by EA.
  4. Minecraft: Pocket Edition by Mojang.
  5. Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations.
  6. Geometry Dasy by RobTop Games.
  7. Motorsport Manager by Christian West.
  8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Rockstar Games.
  9. Automatic Call or Recording by Nguyen Thoang.
  10. Aurora – Puzzle Adventure by Silverback Games.

Top Ten Free Games for iPhone

  1. Clash Royale by Supercell.Clash Royale
  2. Perchang by Perchang.
  3. Castle Crush by Fun Games For Free.
  4. Stop by Fanatee.
  5. Block! Gexa Puzzle by BitMango.
  6. Candy Crush Saga by King.
  7. Piano Tiles 2 by Cheetah Technology.
  8. Sniper 3D Assassin by Fun Games For Free.
  9. Asphalt Xtreme by Gameloft.
  10. Despicable Bear by Playgendary.

Which ones of these games and apps have you downloaded for your iPhone?


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