Cuphead Phony Sneaks in iTunes App Store for iOS

Bewae of this fake Cuphead game, that has found its way to the Apple App Store!


Cuphead is the new hit among teenagers and gamers. Even if you don’t usually play games, I’m sure you’ve heard about the game that launched earlier this year and has captured the hearts of thousand of players. The game has been a huge success and could be considered one of the best games of 2017, now that the year is ending – but the big demand that the game has created has a downside. Imagine how excited people were when they learnt that the game was making its way towards the iTunes App Store for iOS users, according to Touch Arcade. Now, imagine their disappointment when they discovered that they had been played: the game is fake.


Touch Arcade was as fooled as the rest of us, since the listing in the App Store seemed pretty legit: it had a proper trailer, some screenshots that portrayed the actual game and even had the developer’s real name to vouch for it. When users started downloading it, however, it became clear that it was something else: a phony.

Sorry, gamers, it’s not really Cuphead

Since the launching of the “game” on the iTunes App Store, the real developers of Cuphead at Studio MDHR have taken to their Twitter account to confirm that the app on the store is fake and encourage users not to download it. The worst part of it is that the fake app is charging users 5 dollars per download, and on the short amount of time that it has been on the App Store it could have gained a big amount of money.

For now, Cuphead is only available for Xbox and PC. We don’t know whether it will finally arrive to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and smartphones or not, but you should wait until the developers themselves confirm it.


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