Download Brawl Stars APK, the new game from Clash Royale devs

Supercell is bringing a new success to the table.

Brawl Stars

Hot news! If you love Supercell’s games we have great news for you, because the company is ready to bring us a new success that will live up to Clash of Clans and Clash Royale . Yesterday Supercell unveiled a new mobile multiplayer fighting game where players will battle each other in a series of different game modes to collect crystals and beat their opponents. The company has shown the game in a live tournament on YouTube, and the arrival of the same is on its way. Although they have not yet confirmed the release date, it is safe to assume that the game will arrive for both iOS and Android, the two systems for which Supercell always develops, during this year.

But what exactly is Brawl Stars? It is a multiplayer top view game based on the mechanics of a shooter at a basic level. If you need a tag to sort the new game, you could say it falls into the world of MOBAs, of which League of Legends is the greatest title.

How does Brawl Stars work?

The main goal of each game is to get the treasures from our opponents and collect as many crystals as possible , and we will always have a team of three players in total to do so. So we will not play alone! We can also choose among 15 characters to play, each of them with their special abilities, so it is vital to make a good strategy with our teammates if we want to win.

Although we do not know the releasing date for Brawl Stars, it is believed that the first open beta will arrive this summer. If Supercell follows its usual pattern, the game will first come out for iOS, iPhone and iPad devices, and a few months later for Android. If you want to be the first to play with the game, which is not available yet, you will be able to download Brawl Stars APK for Android from this link once it reaches the market. Pay attention!



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