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Clash Royale 2017 Update

Clash Royale is getting a new update! Supercell is ready to launch the Clash Royale June Update, which means we have a new APK Android file for those who don’t want to wait for the update on official channels. After launching the major update for Clash of Clans, Supercell has prepared now four new cards, new challenges and more for Clash Royale, and everything is coming right now! Do you want to get the latest features first for your Android device? Keep reading!

Clash Royale

New challenges

Let’s start with the new challenges. Supercell is bringing three new challenges to Clash Royale. The first one will be the Triple Elixir Challenge, a challenge in which we will have three times our amount of elixir, from the beginning! The second challenge is the Ramp Up Challenge, in which our amount of elixir will increase progressively with the game. Finally, we will have the Sudden Death Challenge, in which the first one to destroy a tower, wins the match!

Clash Royale

Cannon Cart

A new epic troop. The Cannon Cart slowly advances on the arena hitting everything on sight. It’s got a shield, and once destroyed the Cannon Cart will stop on its track and continue firing until death. It only costs 5 elixir points and has a great life span, so it’s a great defensive weapon!

Clash Royale

Mega Knight

The Mega Knight is a legendary card and for 7 elixir points it will hop around the arena hitting everything. It’s jumping skills, though odd at first, make its blows more dangerous.

Clash Royale

Flying Machine

A rare troop that costs 4 elixir points. The Flying Machine will fire from the air until it dies, and it has the same range as the Musketeer.

Clash Royale

Skeleton Barrel

Flying over the arena, this barrel attached to come balloons will do nothing… until it dies! Then, it will release 8 hidden skeletons, that will drop from the sky and wreck havoc. It’s a common card and it only costs 3 elixir points.

Clash Royale

New Deck Slots

Finally, we will also receive two new deck slots, which will allow us to create up to five different decks. What do think about the latest changes? Get them all immediately downloading the latest Clash Royale APK file from the following link!

Clash Royale

Clash Royale v1.9.0 APK for Android


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