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Get every detail and piece of information from the latest Clash Royale Update.

Clash Royale 2017 Update

Supercell has been leading us to new clues regarding the latest Clash Royale update for some time. This new update will arrive this month, October 2017, ant it will be grand! Thanks to several rumours, a Supercel AMA on Reddit and the Sneak Pees the company posts on Twitter, we have a pretty good picture of what to expect from the next version of the greatest game in the market – we beg forgiveness of Clash of Clans, of course! Supercell wants to make sure gamers are still hooked to its game, and the next battery of new features will surely call everyone’s attention. Those who abandoned the game will rush back to it, dying to try every new feature! Want to know what they are? Keep reading!

Clash Royale

Supercell is working on a new game mode and daily quests to keep players enthralled. The developers want to reward the most loyal players who log in every day, and the prizes will be magical.

Daily quests

This is one of the main features we are waiting for. The daily and monthly quests will give the users the chance to get Super Magical and Legendary Chests every day, as well as other epic rewards!

Clash Royale

New game modes

The second Sneak Peek revealed not one, but TWO game modes: Touchdown and Mirrored Battles. We have no idea what to expect from them, but boy are we excited! If these new game modes are not enough, Supercell will implement new events such as Gold Rush and Gem Rush; and the game will allow us to chat with our 2v2 partners.

Clash Royale

Balancing changes and many other improvements

The company has already confirmed that, among other features, many cards will be balanced. We will also have the possibility of copying and sharing battle decks outside the game, although we have no idea how that will be achieved. Regarding the tweaks and twists on the cards, here they are!

  • Sparks: attack speed decreased on one second; 15% damage decreasing.
  • Electric Wizard: 4% damage decreasing; first attack slowed in a second.
  • Spear Goblins: attack speed increased from 1.3 to 1.1 seconds.
  • Valkyrie: 5% damage increasing.
  • Cementery: duration increased on 10 seconds, ratio decreased to 4, first skeleton will take 0.5 seconds more to spawn.
  • Tesla Tower: 30% damage increasing.
  • Lightning: ratio decreased on 0.5, 3% damage reducing.
  • Cannon Cart: shield and life increased on 5%.

Rumours and other possible features

So far, this is what Supercell has confirmed – but the rumour mill never stops! We have heard several rumours pointing to a new arena and a new card every month. Specifically, we have read a lot about the Phantom Card, a new troop that will sweep the arena invisibly! Sadly, none of these features have been confirmed. So far, all we know for sure about the Clash Royale October 2017 Update is what we have told you – and it sounds amazing!

Clash Royale

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