Enable OnePlus 5T face unlocking feature on the OnePlus 5

We’ll teach you to set up OnePlus’ face unlock feature on the OnePlus 5.

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The guys from OnePlus announced their latest flagship, the OnePlus 5T , in November 2017. When it launched, it came with a new feature that the company had not included in any of their previous mobile devices: It was the Face Unlock, which in a way is similar to Apple’s Face ID technology. This new tech allows you to unlock your OnePlus 5T using only the front camera and your own face.

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But in practice there are many differences between the OnePlus facial unlocking method and the Face ID technology of Apple’s iPhone X. And it turns out that one of these differences is that the OnePlus technology can be transmitted to other devices of the company. So if you own a OnePlus 5, you will love to know that now you can install the OnePlus 5T facial unlock feature, making just a simple software update.

How to install the facial unlock in a OnePlus 5

The first thing you should do is to install the operating system version OxygenOS Open Beta 3, which was released a few weeks ago. This new update has the technology of facial unlocking, but also brings other very interesting features, such as a better 5G connection and better reception of Wi-Fi networks, in addition to several security enhancements for the device.

Keep in mind that this is a beta version of OxygenOS, so it is highly recommended that you back up all your data before starting the update. It’s specially important that you do this if you have rooted your OnePlus 5, in case something goes wrong! To install the latest update of OxygenOS Open Beta 3 in your OnePlus 5 you will only have to go to the company’s webpage and download the last image of the operating system. Then you just have to follow the instructions shown on that page, and your device will be updated and with the function of facial unlocking.


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