Facebook Messneger Kids May Be Worst For Families Than We Thought

Messenger Kids may take too much from families.


Currently, children have a lot of access to smartphones, tablets and social networks, which poses new risks and concerns for parents. Some companies want to reassure parents and offer them new tools, so their kids can use new tech safely. That’s why Facebook has just launched a new app called Messenger Kids. As the name implies, it is a Facebook Messenger version designed for children where parents will still have some control. This app is designed so that children can talk with their friends and contacts that have been pre-approved by parents. This way, parents can be sure that their children will not stumble upon some internet creep, and kids can chat with their loved ones!

Facebook Messenger Kids

Kids told us that the primary reason they want to use social media and messaging platforms is to have fun, which means that an environment that emphasizes safety at the expense of joy and laughter will fail the customer satisfaction test — and potentially leave kids vulnerable to less controlled and more risky social environments. We believe that it’s possible to give kids a fun experience that provides more peace of mind for parents, too” said Facebook.

Messenger Kids could be taking too much from parents

Nevertheless, not all that glitters is gold, and it could be that Messenger Kids is not all that ideal. For example, Facebook has not stated yet how it plans to monetize the app – and we know it will end up monetizing it somehow. Another point of controversy is the fact that the kid needs to have a Facebook account set up by their parents in order to have Messenger Kids. This means that the children data are going to be exposed, something that does not happen on other messaging apps.

Parents have to enter their children’s real names, and from that… who knows? The possibilities that Messenger Kids goes wrong are too high, and some people are starting to worry.


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