Facebook Wants To Increase Virtual Reality’s Popularity

Mark Zuckerberg thinks this technology should be “cheaper and more accessible”.


Facebook is exploring new virtual reality possibilities to reinvent itself in the next decade. This new goal has the company working on artificial intelligence and formulas to increase the number of people with internet connection, as was announced this last Tuesday in Lisbon by Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s technology leader, at the opening of the Web Summit. This Web Summit is a technological summit celebrated on Portugal’s capital city until next Thursday, and it will count with more than 50.000 assistants. During its speaking time, Schroepfer showed some of the experiments conducted by Facebook, mainly those centered around games and conversations.


“This is the future”, assured the technology leader. Schroepfer commented on the company’s efforts to create human digital representations with enough expressions to create a communication as closest to reality as possible.

They want virtual reality and artificial intelligence to play a huge role in the future

Why is this so important? Facebook wants to enable videocalling from a person to someone else’s digital representation, something already tested on their company. Virtual transportation will also allow people to meet far away realities, to experience life in other places and help us know the world better – but it will also allow us to enjoy new gaming options, something Facebook is very interested in.

The challenge for Facebook now, besides developing a virtual reality, is to make this technology cheaper and more accessible. Facebook is excited about the future of virtual reality and they want to bet on it, but they also bet on artificial intelligence to help us “interpret the information we receive daily” – for example, the more than two billion pictures that are shared every day on Facebook.

It looks like Facebook has a very clear path ahead of them, and they know what their future is: virtual reality and artificial intelligence for communication and gaming. Will they succeed?


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