A Fake iPhone Charger Could Burn Your House Down

Always use Apple original chargers if you don’t want to burn down your house.


We know – original Apple chargers are way too expensive. The cheapest one is 19 dollars, just the cable! Then you need to put in another twenty bucks for the adapter – no wonder people choose fake Apple chargers when the original ones are broken! Nevertheless, according to Electrical Safety First, you could be seriously jeopardizing your safety. According to this British organization, most fake chargers don’t comply safety measures. The organization tried fifty different non-Apple charger, and fourty-nine out of them failed at every test.


These fakes came mostly from China, and are putting you in a great risk of burning down your house. The researchers claim that at least 50% of fake chargers have “the potential to deliver a lethal electrical shock or cause a fire.”

It’s always best to choose Apple complements

“This report shows that anyone purchasing an iPhone charger from an online marketplace or at an independent discount store is taking a serious risk with their safety. The vast majority of chargers we tested had the potential to deliver a lethal electrical shock or cause a fire. We’re urging people to take care when buying a charger and recommend buying directly from trusted retailers only. When you buy a fake, at best you could damage your phone but at worst you could be putting your life, your family and your home at risk,” said Martyn Allen, Technical Director at Electrical Safety First.

This is the reason why the first question asked when an iPhone explodes is the kind of charger you were using – more often than not, the blame is on a fake charger. Fake chargers put you at risk of electric shock and fires, so it’s best to stick to Apple’s own products. Even so, lately we have heard many stories of iPhones catching fire even when using original products, so no one is a hundred percent safe, we suppose.


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