The Fight Against Fake News is Carried on to Children

The BBC is now teaching kids how to spot fake news.

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Fake news are a huge problem nowadays, since misinformation leads to catastrophic results. Even when it seems something unimportant, when we don’t have the right information we may take haste actions, have a wrong perception of reality or cause prejudice towards a race, religion, gender or ethnicity. This is the reason why so many companies are trying to fight fake news, including Facebook, which has taken many actions towards this issue in the last months. Now, the BBC is joining them and is taking it one step ahead, as told by Endgadget: they want to teach kids how to spot fake news.


The BBC is going to send journalists to different schools and events to teach kids about fake news and how to identify them. They will also teach them about digital resources and how to think critically about what they read on the press or online. This way, future generations will be better prepared.

They will also teach children through gamification

To support this campaign, children will also be able to learn through games. Aardman has developed a new game that will teach children what they need to know about this urgent issue.

“We at the BBC have a real responsibility here. By sharing our journalistic expertise, we want to give young people the skills and awareness they need to be confident about identifying the real news stories, and calling out the fakes” said Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC.

This is indeed a very interesting approach, and it would be advisable that other organizations joined this effort. Teaching kids in schools would be the best way to prevent the spreading of fake news in the future.


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