Gmail for Android Allows Users To Copy and Paste Text Format

Now you can format your emails, even if you copy paste them!


If you’re someone who uses your phone to send emails quite often and you miss the ability to copy text with format and images into your emails, you’ll love to know that Gmail for Android has been updated to allow users to copy formatted text and images in the app. According to the change log, “You can now edit text online or copy and paste content from the web while maintaining the original text format.” What this basically means is that if you want to be able to paste text and images as you see them on the web, you can do it now on your smartphone!


Android itself has been supporting this option for some time, but it required support from the app itself so we could use this option. So far, Gmail did not! Prior to this update, you could send and receive most of the content, but it would not be as nice as you see it on the web. With the new version, you get the formatting, the image and the design, and everything together makes it look much better.

This feature is just available for Android

Keep in mind that this feature is limited at the moment to the Android version of Gmail. The iOS version of Gmail was last updated on November 30th, but the change log did not mention the feature. On the other hand, Gmail for Android was last updated the 1st of December with this feature among its changes.

We hope that the feature eventually gets on all Gmail platforms, since Gmail tends to offer similar experiences on all mobile platforms. If you still have not updated your app yet, you should be able to get the latest version of the Google Play Store.


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