How to know which apps are good or bad in Play Store or App Store

There are thousands of apps to choose from. At first, this is evidently a good thing. But it's also true that not all apps are as useful or good.

Play Store

Even if you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you know there are thousands of apps to choose from. At first, this is evidently a good thing. But it’s also true that not all apps are as useful, or retain the same level of quality. Because of this, when choosing which apps to download and install in our devices, there’s something we can do: learn how to differentiate which apps are better at the Play Store. This seems obvious, and we’re going to teach you how to do this.

Play Store

Use categories

Both the App Store and Play Store have an elaborated category system that can be quite helpful. Both companies try to make their Stores as user friendly as possible. They also want to have the best apps. So when you log into your Store, don’t just look at the most popular apps or the most downloaded. Try to explore through the different categories to find an app or game that suits your tastes.

However, even though there are non official app and game stores, we do not recommend you use them. This is because the risk of downloading malware is higher for those Stores. If you want to be as free of malware as possible, stick to the official ones or sites  that you trust.

Learn to avoid bad apps

Once you’ve chosen your app, it’s important to check if this app is actually good. Even though official stores have a rating system for apps and games, the fact is that this does not necessarily mean the quality is good. However, it’s something to take into account, for sure.

But we must go inside the app’s page and read about it. Not only the characteristics or requirements, but also the comment section. It’s also important to check what kind of privileges must be given to the app, so it can access things like our camera and such. If it’s asking too much, maybe it’s as fishy as it looks.

If you have those two things into account, you can probably navigate both the App Store and Play Store more safely and make a better use of both of them at the same time.


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