iPhone 7 Explodes In Australia: A New Exploding Story

Exploding phones are still a thing, apparently.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is still in the spotlight – but for bad reasons. Those of you who trusted the iPhone 7 because of Apple’s great device quality, may need to be aware of these news. Not long ago, we learnt about a man that was driving in Australia when his iPhone 7 exploded. Today, the story is even worse: a pregnant woman, also in Australia, has suffered a worse accident than this. Her iPhone 7 exploded on top of her when she was sleeping, causing severe injuries on her body.

iphone 7

This woman was charging her iPhone 7 near her pillow, and she ended up sleeping with the device connected next to her. Everything was normal, but suddenly the woman –according to the report-  started feeling some pains that woke her up and she smelled a strong burning odour at the same time. When she woke, she discovered a huge burnt on her arm. The woman went immediately to the hospital, worried about her baby.

Exploding phones are a hazard

The woman, named Melanie Tae Pelaéz, has suffered second degree burnts and these injuries matched in shape the shape of the iPhone 7 and the plugging cord. She did not hesitate, then, to contact Apple and to go to an Apple store to fill a complaint. Apple as very understanding and claim that they would give her a new iPhone 7 – something that she turned down, claiming that she no longer trusts the company after the accident.

Apple has also stated that the device didn’t really look as if it had exploded, but the company is still analyzing the device in their facilities in California. We still have to know whether Apple will give her an economic compensation for her troubles and whether the woman will sue Apple for the accident. Whatever it is, it looks like Apple is in trouble, and after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco the company may want to look into that before. it becomes a widespread issue.


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