Microsoft Lets Us Search For Text In Cloud-Saved Images

Now you can look for the text on an image that you have saved on the cloud.


Microsoft has already launched a tool that lets users automatically detect certain objects on pictures uploaded on SharePoint and OneDrive, and the company has announced today a new option – the ability to look for text on images. On other words, now we can look for any word or phrase that appears in an image uploaded to the cloud, and get a quick access to that same picture. Microsoft claims that any written word on a picture is scanned, detected, extracted and then it can be looked for automatically. This includes the EXIF information of a picture, of course.


“Many people complete expense reports for travel. While at a restaurant, snap a photo of the receipt. You can do this directly from the OneDrive mobile app, Office Lens mobile app, or just upload a photo you’ve taken with your device. Later on, when you go to file your expenses, you don’t have to remember where you stored it, but instead can search for something that you remember about the expense, for example ‘sushi’ or a location,” has said the company on its blog.

Microsoft wants to help users look for their documents faster

The company wants to implement this new feature for every user, but for now it only works in English. New languages should come in future updates, however, so it’s a matter of time that we can look for text in Spanish, Italian or Chinese inside our cloud-saved pictures! Of course, this feature applies to the most popular file formats, such as BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, RAW and JPG. This way, any picture taken with our phone or a camera that we upload to OneDrive or other services is included in the search.

“We really want to connect your captures to workflows. The goal is to look at what the object is and take action based on it, via Flow or PowerApps, so we can help you move your work forward. We also will learn from patterns you have with types of objects – personalized learning, as part of the Microsoft Graph, to suggest actions and perform them automatically for you after the pattern is established.”


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