Microsoft Working On A New Snapdragon 845 Smartphone

Sadly, it’s unlikely we all talking about a new Surface phone.


Microsoft is still working on new projects, and although the company tends to not make any statement about works in progress, they usually hint to new ideas that are in development. This time, thanks to WinFuture, we have found a job offer that points to a new smartphone in the works, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chip. If you thought this meant Microsoft is about to release a new Surface Phone, you may be disappointed: this new device could be a new Windows 10 Phone, not a Surface Phone. It looks like Microsoft is looking to create a new device with the full force of Windows 10 on it.


The job offer looks for someone with smartphone-related experience, and everything points towards a new Courier device. It’s not the first time that we hear about this device, and it’s much more possible than the Surface Phone.

Microsoft may have a new phone in the workings

For now, Microsoft is tight-lipped about the whole thing, but since Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip is already one year old it makes sense that the company has set sights on the next chip, the Snapdragon 845. This will be Qualcomm’s next CPU and it will be announced very soon – some think that it will come first on the next Samsung Galaxy S9, that will be announced during the CES 2018 on January.

One of the “top 3 must-have hard skills” that Microsoft expects job applicants to have is experience with “LTE manufacturing test on Qualcomm (8998 and SDM 845) and/or Intel chipsets, Q-DAT or QDAP background.” We will be paying attention to new information regarding Windows 10 on ARM and the new Microsoft device, stay tunned!


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