Netflix Gets Updated for Windows 10 With HDR Streaming

Now we can play Netflix videos in HDR on Windows 10.

Technology has come a long way, and from TVs that only had one channel and no remote control we have shifted to smart TVs, with internet connection and even 3D enabled. Computer displays have also come a long way, and lately many monitors have started do support HDR streaming. Therefore, streaming services have started to launch content with support for HDR displays, and today is Netflix’s turn. The company has announced that if you watch Netflix on your Windows 10 device you will be able to stream some content on HDR. Finally!


“We are thrilled to announce the addition of High Dynamic Range (HDR) support on Windows 10 for both the Edge browser and the Netflix app. With this update, Netflix members who have a supported device and a premium plan can enjoy amazing Netflix movies and shows in HDR.”

Netflix already supported HDR on other platforms

Windows 10 is not the first platform to support Netflix HDR content. Before this update we could already watch 4K and HDR streamings on Xbox One. If you really want to take advantage of this, you should start watching Netflix on your Microsoft Edge browser or through the UWP app. Having said that, it’s true that most HDR content in Netflix is limited to the company’s originals.

“With this new hardware available in consumer PCs, Netflix and Microsoft partnered together to put the software pieces in place. Microsoft added the necessary OS and browser changes in their Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and our engineers integrated against those APIs to complete the video player work.”

This means that you will just notice the difference if you like Netflix original content, but unfortunately outside of it you are out of luck.


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