Pokémon Go: Tips And Tricks That Are Just A Bunch Of Myths

Today we want to bust some Pokémon Go myths: several tips and tricks found on the internet are no more than a bunch of lies, don’t get fooled!

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an insanely popular game, we all know that. That is why so many websites have compiled long lists of tips and tricks to help players become better Pokémon Trainers, until they can be the very best! But the popularity of Pokémon Go has also given wings to liers and fakers: people who give advice on how to play the game using tricks that do not work. You may have heard, or even tried, some of these before you realized they were fake! That is why today we want to become Pokémon Go Mythbusters, and end with the lies around the game. Pay attention, the following tips do not work on the game!

Pokemon Go

Reclaim a lost Poké Ball

This one was one of the first to Surface: a Reddit user claimed that if you tapped on a lost Poké Ball, after a pokemon dodged it, you could take it back. Well, although it makes a lot of sense, the trick does not work: if the pokemon dodges the Poké Ball, it’s lost!

Rain spawns specific pokemon

It’s probable that you find more Fire type Pokémon in a dessert and more Water type Pokémon in the sea, but that doesn’t mean that weather affects the spawning of specific pokemon. So, although you expect to see hundreds of Magikarp during a rainfall, it’s not going to happen: Pokémon Go doesn’t detect the weather, so the spawning will be the same as always.

You can catch Legendary Pokémon

No. Really, not yet. They haven’t shown up in the game. Legendary pokemon are in the code, so they will be available sometime, but not yet. Every allegedly sighting has been nothing more than a fake, so far.

Ghost Pokémon spawn in scary places

Well, you may find a Gastly on a graveyard, but that is just by chance. Ghost pokemon can spawn anywhere, not just on haunted houses, graveyards and abandoned schools.

pokemon go

Shiny Pokémon are a thing

No, they are not. They don’t exist, at least not right now, and they aren’t even a line in Pokémon Go’s code. If you have seen someone on YouTube catching a Shiny Pokémon, like the ones on the cards, it’s a fake. Niantic may want to add them in the future, but who knows?

The bigger, the better

Size doesn’t matter. Every pokemon has its size and weight, apart from its combat points. There is the belief that the bigger the pokemon is, the more powerful it is, but no. An XS Pikachu can beat the hell out of your XL Rattata.

Incense only works walking

Here we have a half truth. Incense works better if you are walking, because you will have an encounter every 60 seconds. Nevertheless, if you use an incense and stay at home, a pokemon will appear every 300 seconds. It will still work, but with less pokemon.


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