How to record your screen in Windows 10 in easy steps

Record your computer’s screen while you play, it’s really easy!

In many occasions, when we look for tutorials or guides in YouTube we see that people have recorded the screens of their computer to help us. We see this a lot in the world of video games, when we see live streamings or guides that help us; but also in tutorials of other kind, such as those that teach us how to run a specific program. But what no one tells you is how they have been able to record the screen of their computer so we can see it, and that is something very simple! In other operative systems we need to install third-party apps, but fortunately in Windows 10 we have an integrated way of recording the computer screen.


Windows 10 has a program called Game Bar that allows us to record the screen of our device, and this is not all! The program is designed for games, so we can also connect to our Xbox One and record the screen of the Xbox while we play.

How to record our screen with Game Bar

Although it is quite hidden, Game Bar is very easy to use. Just open the program and click on Start Recording, or press the Windows + Alt + R command combination. When you want to finish, you can press the same combination to end the video, which will be recorded in MP4 format inside your folder of videos. We can change the settings of our video, choose different saving folders, choose the quality of the video or decide if we want the audio to be recorded or not.

To use this option with the Xbox One we will have to go to the Xbox and open the app, already installed. If you can’t find it, use the search bar! Once opened, you can open the game and use the computer to start recording and stop recording whenever you want. It’s a very simple way to record the contents of a screen, do not you think?


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