Samsung Galaxy S8 May Come With Its Own Siri

Samsung has bought Viv, the heir to Siri, so Samsung is ready to launch its own virtual assistant with the Galaxy S8.


Siri and Google Assistant may have more competition in the upcoming months: Samsung is planning to enter the virtual assistant market with a tool of its own, that would launch with the next Galaxy S8. This technology will be the greatest feature in the device, and with it the company wants to bury deep the issues that they had with the exploding batteries on the Galaxy Note 7. Launching their own virtual assistant is only logical after Samsung acquired Viv Labs, a firm founded by Siris co-creator, Dag Kittlaus. Furthermore, in the future the company wants to spread the assistant to other devices, like tablets or even electrical appliances under the Samsung branch!

Galaxy Note 7

It is still too early to talk about the specific

Samsung has not disclosed the details about the features offered by Galaxy S8 virtual assistant, although we hope that it will be ready for its launch early next year. We suppose it will come with customized news feeds, travel information and smart search inside the device, as well as shortcuts to our most used services. For now, the only thing we know for sure is that it will be compatible and it will be built in with third party apps, according to Reuters – it looks as if Samsung wanted to make the most of its assistant, right?

The South Korean company is convince that they need to stir up their own devices, so we assume that the company may carry new operations on the market that help them establish a new voice technology and new user interface. For now, we will just have to wait until more information surfaces and Samsung announces their Galaxy S8, the first one with Samsung’s own virtual assistant. Are you looking forward to it?


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