Shazam for iOS Will Receive An Offline Mode Very Soon

Use Shazam on your iOS device even when you are offline!


Usually, for an app that recognizes the music or sounds of your surroundings to work, you need to have a good connection to the Internet. This means that if you want to Shazam a song or a TV show with your phone you will need to have a good cell connection or be connected to a WiFi network, or else the app will not be able to connect to its servers, where it keeps the data needed to recognize the music selected. This, however, could change soon – at least for iOS users of Shazam. The developers have recently launched an update for its app on iOS that will let us Shazam songs when offline.


As you could imagine, we will be able to use Shazam on iOS when we are not connected to a WiFi network or when our cell connection is wonky. This, however, has a small catch: you will be able to Shazam songs and TV shows offline, but will only get a result when you are back online.

Shazam for iOS gets updated

“Keep Shazaming, even when you’re offline! Next time the music’s on but the WiFi isn’t, simply tap the big blue button and we’ll name that song as soon as you’re back online. Now we’ll notify you immediately, even it you don’t have the Shazam app open.”

In other words, your requests will get qeued and they will be processed the next time Shazam reconnects to the internet. Once you are back online, you will receive a notification with the title of the songs you wanted to identify. It’s not exactly an offline mode, but it will come in handy if you are out of internet and don’t want to forget that great song you were just listening to. You just have to head to the iTunes App Store and download the latest update, if you haven’t done it already!


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