Super Mario Run Celebrates Christmas With New Content

Buy new ornaments from Toads’ Shop this Christmas!

Super Mario Run

If you have already tried Super Mario Run, either because you bought the game or because you played the demo, you will know that the Kingdom of Super Mario Run can be customized. In Toad’s Shop we can find everything: houses with Minigames, houses for Toads of all colors, houses for other characters (like Luigi or Yoshi) and even shrubs and mountains to decorate our surroundings. These objects help us rebuild our Kingdom and accommodate our companions – the more things we have that they like, the more comfortable they will be! Now, and exclusively during the Christmas period, Super Mario Run brings us two new elements to decorate our kingdom: a Christmas Tree and a Snowball with a figure of Mario inside.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

If you want to customize your kingdom in Super Mario Run so that everyone knows that it is Christmas, you have to unlock these items!

How do we unlock Christmas objects in Super Mario Run?

Unlocking the Christmas Tree and the Snow Globe is easy: as happens with the rest of the Toads’ Shop locked objects, we need to meet some requirements. To unlock these items in particular, we need to get a certain amount of color Toads, so the come to live in our kingdom. How many, do you ask? We need 30 Blue Toads, 30 Purple Toads and 30 Yellow Toads for Snow Globe; and 30 Red Toads and 30 Green Toads for the Christmas tree.

You can get these Toads by competing in the Toads Rally against people who have Toads of these colors living in their kingdoms. Thus, in addition to unlock these Christmas decorations, we also unlock other objects for the rest of Toads! If you do not have any Toad than living with you, this is the perfect excuse to go for them!


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