How to transfer data between Android phones

If you have a new Android smartphone on your hands, we’ll teach you how to transfer all your data easily.

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Christmas has come and it’s very likely that Santa has left you a new Android smartphone under the tree. If that is the case, you will have a small problem ahead of you: all your data, your contacts and your photos and videos are in your old device, and you do not want to lose them! If you want to transfer your data to the new Smartphone, there are several ways to do it without losing anything in the process, and we bring you a few to further improve the Christmas bliss.


There are several ways to transfer data between devices. In fact, many companies such as Samsung or LG have their own programs, but they do not always work in the best possible way (we all know the nightmare that is Samsung Kies). If the official options do not convince you, we bring you three different solutions!

Copy My Data

First, you can use the Copy My Data app, a very simple and direct way to transfer data from one Smartphone to another. You just have to download this free app on both devices and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network. Once done, you go to the new device and click “To or from another device via WiFi” and wait for the other Smartphone to be detected. Once connected, you just have to copy the data and enter a four-digit PIN that will be provided by the app.

Clone It

Another very simple app to use and that has been on the market for a long time is Clone It. Thanks to this app we can transfer all our data, including SMS, MMS and the call register, something that other apps do not usually offer. You will have to connect both devices to the same WiFi network and choose in the menu to transfer the data. You can select which categories you want to transfer, if you do not want to copy them all!


The last option that we offer is the one integrated by Google. This option requires that we make a backup of our data on the old device and link it to our Google account. Once done, it’s as simple as going to the new device and restoring the backup. Photos, contacts and much more will go direct to your new phone!


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