WhatsApp: Always send HD Pictures on WhatsApp

Share photos on WhatsApp without spoiling them.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services currently, and has many extra features for its users, including sharing images, files and documents with your friends and family. In addition, the app is working to include new features, such as a tool for sending and receiving money from your friends without leaving the app itself. However, some users complain that when they send a high quality picture through WhatsApp, it is compressed, losing quality in the process.


Of course, the loss of quality of the images shared through WhatsApp is not a coincidence or a bug but something totally deliberate. In general, the quality of our pictures is good enough for the average user, and it also helps us spend less data if we are not connected to a WiFi network. But now that smartphones have better cameras, some users want to send pictures without losing quality in the process. And if that is your case, we will teach you to do it step by step.

How to send a high quality picture on WhatsApp

First of all, go to the selected chat and open the menu – the clip button–  and select the option “Send a document”. In this way, the photograph we send will be treated as a document and its quality will not be diminished.

To access the photo, you will have to use the file browser to get to the gallery, and from there click on the photo you want to send.

And that’s it! The other user will receive the image as if it were a document, and you can open it on your Smartphone without having lost one iota of its original quality. Although keep in mind that, if you are not connected to a WiFi network, this method will consume more data than sending an image in the normal way.


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