WhatsApp For iOS Will Get Udpated With New Emojis

iOS users will soon be able to enjoy new emojis on WhatsApp.


It looks like WhatsApp and Apple are working together to bring even more emojis to the messaging service on iOS! Apple presented the first iOS 10.2 beta version recently, and on it there were included new emojis approved by Unicode on June. This means that very soon, iOS users will be able to enjoy the use of new emojis on iOS apps, WhatsApp among them! WhatsApp always adopts iOS emojis for other platforms, which means that soon after iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone may receive new emojis as well.


This time, the new set of emojis created to accompany our messages bets on a higher definition of the picture, something that many people has described as being more realistic. These new emojis will also add new elements and modify elements already existing. Some emojis will also disappear: the Peach emoji, for example, often used in adult jokes – and many users grieve losing this emoji in particular.


What kind of emojis will we be getting?

We will enjoy new profession emojis, represented in the male and female form. We are talking about writer, singer, farmer, painter or even astronaut, representing both women and men. This gender variety is very welcomed indeed! We will also be receiving new expressions, animals and fruits:

  • The avocado, that is so famous nowadays, is coming to
  • As well as a salad!
  • Two more animals will be introduced: a duck and a gorilla, for your daily conversation.
  • We will also get a drum!


Talking about expressing yourself: now we will be able to shrug our shoulders, cross our fingers, face-palm or drool, all very graphically. From these new emojis, which one do you like the most? Which one were you anticipating? Personally, I always thought that the drooling emoji was missing, so I can’t wait to start using it!


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